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Project Description

Resourceful is a lightweight .net library for creating RESTful (or resource-oriented) web service clients and servers. Intended to be as cross-platform as possible, currently tested against mono on mac/linux (1.2.5+) and silverlight (beta 2).

The source is freely available via the MIT license, contributions welcome!

NEW Command-line tool

C:\>rescmd s3 help
Usage: rescmd <service> <action> <parameters>...

Help on a specific service: rescmd <service> help
Help on a specific action: rescmd <service> <action> help

Service s3 supports the following actions:
put-object Creates or updates a single S3 object.
put-objects Creates or updates multiple S3 objects.
delete-objects Deletes S3 objects.


Examples included for the following services (see CodePlex.Resourceful.Examples.Program.cs):
  • Amazon S3 (
  • Amazon EC2 (
  • Amazon A2S, formerly ECS (
  • Amazon SimpleDB (
  • Metaweb/freebase (
  • Stikkit (
  • (
  • gdata
  • MS Live Astoria (
  • MS Silverlight Streaming (
  • Bookmark service described in RESTful Web Services

Solution Layout

The codebase currently consists of three solutions:

Resourceful.2005 (VS2005)
  • CodePlex.Resourceful
    • Core library
  • CodePlex.Resourceful.Bookmarks
    • Bookmark service library (from RESTful Web Services)
  • CodePlex.Resourceful.Bookmarks.WebTest
    • Bookmark service web host
  • CodePlex.Resourceful.Examples
    • API examples for the services described above

Resourceful.2008.Silverlight (VS2008)
  • CodePlex.Resourceful.Core
    • Core library (silverlight 2.0 beta 2)
  • CodePlex.Resourceful.Core.Example
    • Example silverlight host page

Resourceful.2008 (VS2008)
  • CodePlex.Resourceful
  • CodePlex.Resourceful.Bookmarks
  • CodePlex.Resourceful.Bookmarks.WebTest
  • CodePlex.Resourceful.Examples
  • CodePlex.Resourceful.Examples35
    • API examples using some of the new c# 3.0 features

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